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Maryland Craft Beer Festival is Sold Out!

Maryland Craft Beer Festival is Sold Out!


Earlier today, the Brewer’s Association of Maryland announced that all available tickets for next Saturday’s (May 31, 2014) Maryland Craft Beer Festival have sold out!  Your friendly Drink-Maryland.com blogmaster will be attending the event and serving as a volunteer.  I’m looking forward to sampling many of the over 150 beers offered by the 25 plus Maryland craft beer brewers in attendance and I hope to meet many of you there! The remainder of this post is from BAM’s recent press release:

2014 marks the 9th year of this event, making it one of the longest and successful craft beer events in Maryland. Originally named Springfest, and later renamed the Maryland Craft Beer Festival, the event found a new home on Carroll Creek in Frederick last year. BAM has seen interest in the event grow every year as the popularity of craft beer continues to grow, and has worked to expand the footprint of the event – as well as event resources and staff – to accommodate.

“We have been doing this for nearly a decade, and its been great to see the event grow and become more popular over time,” J.T. Smith, executive director of BAM, said. “Creating an environment where people can enjoy the beer, the food, and the music is really the backbone of a successful event. And Carroll Creek has allowed us to spread out and really make it a great experience for craft beer fans.”

The Maryland Craft Beer Festival is also one of the most important events for all Maryland breweries.  Proceeds from the event go directly to the Brewers Association of Maryland, which is a non-profit trade association that’s sole purpose is to promote the growth of Maryland breweries.

brewers association maryland logoMost recently, BAM’s efforts focus on proposing legislation to help new and existing breweries grow their businesses in Maryland. BAM now has 32 member breweries, and this festival generates revenue that will foster the growth of craft beer in Maryland for years to come.

“There are a lot of great beer festivals out there, but this event is the real deal,” Ben Savage, president of BAM and CMO of Frederick’s Flying Dog Brewery, said. “This is a festival put on by the breweries –
people who are passionate about beer, and passionate about their craft beer fans. This event is part of our livelihood, so it’s a priority for us to strive to make it the best beer event in the mid-Atlantic.”

On May 31, 25 Maryland brewing companies will be sampling over 150 unique, local beers. Beers will range from very accessible taste profiles to experimental varieties including barrel-aged and sour beers, one-of-a-kind casks, and beers brewed with unique ingredients like jalapeno, ginger, and even local oysters. Some of the beer featured at the festival has never been available to the public and may never be again.

“From the casual beer drinker to the most seasoned enthusiast, this festival will offer a truly unique experience as the brewers themselves will be on-hand to pour, sample, and discuss their craft,” Smith said. “And attending this event is more than just having a great time, it actually means something for Maryland’s craft beer industry.”

In addition to the best collection of local craft beer available, the festival is family-friendly with live music featuring local Americana, folk, and bluegrass music. Goods from local artisan vendors, as well as fresh, local foods will be available for purchase.

The music lineup, in two simultaneous areas, includes The Jordan August Band, The End of America, Heavy Lights, The Ten Thousand, The Manly Deeds, Katie Powderly & The Unconditional Lovers, DT Huber, Herd of Main Street, The Solicitors, and Tiny Timbers.